Police shootings in Georgia

Since 2010, police have shot and killed 184 people in Georgia. In a year-long special investigation, the AJC probed who they were, where they were shot, why they were shot, who shot them and what happened after the shooting.

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Since 2010, 184 people have been shot to death by police in Georgia.

This equates to approximately one shooting every 12 days.

Black Georgians shot by police tended to be younger, with a median age of 29, while white Georgians shot by police tended to be older, with a median age of 41.

About one in six of those fatally shot by police were unarmed.

About two of five of those fatally shot by police were shot in the back. Most were also wounded elsewhere on their body.

Three out of five black decedents were shot in the back or unarmed, compared to two out of three white decedents.

About one in four had mental health issues.

A third of the 297 officers who fired their weapons in fatal police shootings had five years or less experience as a street cop in Georgia.

Nearly four out of five of the officers who fired in fatal police shootings were white, while the people killed were largely evenly split between white and black.

Ten cases were considered by a criminal grand jury.

An officer was indicted in just one of those 10 cases -- and prosecutors dropped the charges after the indictment was handed down.